Creating a meaningful shopping experience boosted with AI
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About the Client
Moodroad is a fashion search platform that presents new trends and brands from all around the world. The platform allows users to search for clothes that reflect their lifestyle and character and serves personalized content to match the users’ taste.

Fashion is the largest ecommerce segment, making it extremely competitive. What used to be a war of prices, has now changed into a battle for customer loyalty. Fashion companies realize that exceptional customer experience is essential to make customers want to revisit the site, and one way to boost that experience is to provide users with personalized content, recreating that luxurious experience of having the assistance of a personal shopper, previously only available in high-end brick-and-mortar stores. 


The challenges:

  • building a compelling user interface,
  • creating simple but memorable customer experience.
Project goal
Building a meaningful shopping experience supported with artificial intelligence to recommend products based on individual users’ search history - making sure that the products displayed are relevant and interesting to the customer.
Project timeline
To build an exceptional shopping experience, we started the project with a thorough examination of the UI/UX needs and expectations.


Listing UX requirements,
creating user personas,
designing user flow.



Designing UI,
user testing.


Design & development

Creating style guide,
building the AI model,
feature development.



At the beginning of the process, we sat down with the Client to discuss the exact needs, challenges, and goals of their company. To make sure that the solution we build is meaningful and meets the Client’s expectations, we have to be on the same page regarding project scope, design, and objectives.


After we have explored the needs of end users, we could start working on the first designs to bring the UI part of the project to life. We listed all user stories and prioritized them, build a user flow and high fidelity wireframes, which allowed for a smooth start of the development of the user interface.

Design & development

The development was focused on building an exceptional customer experience, so the importance of the UX portion was emphasized. We had to make sure that the platform works smoothly, doesn’t take long to load, looks appealing, and works well with the AI model that serves personalized content.

UI/UX focus
Since the project revolved around great user experience, we were focused on achieving just that, making sure that the platform is competitive and compelling to the users. The AI served as an addition that helped users get to the items they’d love without having to look for them.
Integrating AI into the platform
The use of AI-powered solutions in ecommerce is more and more popular, with recommender systems available in most online shops. Recommender systems analyze data on products and user behavior, such as search and purchase history, to identify the items that given users will enjoy. We used the model to enhance the CX with personalization.
The ready-to-launch product attracted a lot of attention from the investors, encouraging the team to extend their strategy and business plan to be able to receive appropriate funding. The launch of the platform will be announced soon.
What our Client thinks
Piotr Gliwiński, CEO at Moodroad
Month after month, our team has learned to depend on the professionalism and flexibility of your engineers and supervisors, open communication as well as your dedication to MR as a client.
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