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About the Client
The Client is a provider of industry-leading solutions for the mobile device lifecycle management market that allow companies to remotely control, manage and secure their mobile infrastructures.

The Client has an inhouse development team focused on building and maintaining the core of the business — developing software for the management of mobile devices. While the Client’s team was mainly involved in backend work, they engaged external partners to support them with the frontend portion of the project. 


The challenges:

  • the Client has tried collaboration with a few outsourcing companies ineffectively,
  • the in-house team was not previously accustomed to maintaining regular and clear communication with the external partner.


Project goal
Building the frontend portion of the application on the basis of documentation provided by the Client’s team.
Main tasks
Building the frontend portion of the application on the basis of documentation provided by the Client’s team.

Sprint planning

During planning sessions, we selected product backlog tasks to be completed within one sprint and prepared a sprint backlog consisting of the user stories that would be the focus of the given sprint.


The sprint

During the sprint, we worked on the items from the sprint backlog and held Daily Scrum meetings to discuss progress and obstacles on a regular basis.


Sprint review

At the end of each sprint, we held a sprint review: we summarized what has been done in the past two weeks, and presented a demo of the delivered increments to the Client.


Sprint retrospective

During the retrospective, we reflected on the past sprint and identified the areas that went well and those that should be improved. We then listed ideas on how to improve the efficiency of work in the following sprints.


Establishing common guidelines for cooperation

To make sure this cooperation goes right and doesn’t waste any more of the Client’s resources, we started off with the right preparation: getting familiarized with the documentation, meeting the team, agreeing on the rules to follow while we work together, communication standards, and methodology of product development.

Taking responsibility for the frontend-related epics

We took the whole responsibility for building the frontend portion of the project, including project management. The Client’s team provided us with requirements for the project, and we took it from there, getting back to them with ready functionalities.

By joined effort, we managed to build a partnership that lives up to the expectations of our Client. With the Client’s team, we’ve worked out ways to communicate in a way that’s clear and transparent, and to cooperate in the most efficient way. We have introduced Agile methodologies into the development process to allow for more flexibility and increased productivity. As a result, we were able to take over the frontend work and take full responsibility for it. It’s been a year since the start of our cooperation, and during this year we’ve managed to successfully finish 135 user stories, clearing almost 300 tasks.
Building the frontend portion of the application
Our team was provided with detailed documentation of the backend part of the project and the requirements for the frontend side. We were responsible for delivering the epics that the Client entrusted to us on the basis of the information we received from the Client’s team.
Establishing communication and collaboration guidelines
Having gone through a few unsuccessful collaborations with external partners, the Client was not sure as to how to best organize the workflow and communication between the in-house and external teams. Together with the Client’s team, we’ve worked out the best practices that accommodated both sides and we introduced Agile methodologies into the Client’s operations.
What our Client thinks
Jan Jędrzejczyk, VP Development
Peersoft has been of great help to us not just with the frontend epics, but also with bringing some fresh air to our project management practices. Working together in Scrum, we were able to become more agile and efficient than we were before and for the first time, we felt that an external team delivers beyond our expectations.
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