We develop your products working together with your team, towards your goal. It’s the joint effort and commitment that help build products that win. Whether you’re just starting your project, expanding an existing product, or are looking for a consultation, we’ll make sure to make the most out of it and meet your needs.
Team extension

Extend your team whenever you need it. Whether you’re looking for supplementary skills in given technologies or additional developers for your team, we’ll get you the best fit for your job. 

Team extension is a great option to grow your time when you’re short on time and can’t afford a time-consuming recruitment process or if you don’t need extra developers in your company long-term – you can scale your team up or down when necessary. Augmenting your team allows for getting the new programmers involved quickly, bridging any skill gaps, and still keeping control over your project. Our developers join your team for as long as you need them and work with you like all the other team members. All matters related to the project on our side are covered by our project manager who watches over the process, makes sure it’s efficient, and updates you on a regular basis. This allows for a quicker onboarding in the project, productivity in handling the backlog, and takes the stress of hiring, training, and motivating the team off your shoulders.

Dedicated software solutions

Software is not one-size-fits-all and sometimes off-the-shelf solutions fail to satisfy your needs. Dedicated software solutions are 100% tailor-made, designed specifically to meet your expectations. Building a custom solution starts with the analysis of business needs to make sure that the tech aligns with your objectives.

We’ll provide you with all the skills necessary for your project: workshops, frontend and backend development, testing, design, project management. While our team plan, prioritize, design, code, test, deploy – you are still in charge of your project and maintain full control over the process or you can leave project management to us and channel all your focus to your company’s operations.


Workshops are the best way to start the development process no matter whether you’re just starting with the idea or extending your product. Our workshops last 2 to 5 days when we talk about your business and the project and consult the end users to make sure we build what they need.  The meeting ends with the creation of key documents in the development process such as user personas, application architecture, project roadmap, interface mockup, and the backlog.

Choose your workshops

Design Sprint

The design sprint is a five-day workshop that allows for rapid validation of hypotheses through answering critical questions, designing and prototyping, and testing ideas with end users. The design sprint is a great starting point for all software projects to make sure that the idea is viable and a cost-efficient validation method. Who is it for? The design sprint is recommended for companies that are at early stages of the development process and need to validate the idea with end users.

Event storming

Event storming is a flexible business-oriented workshop that encourages a collaborative approach to improving the organization’s processes. During the session, we dig into the details of “events” - parts of your business operations, map the process, explore gaps and cognitive workload. This helps discover inconsistencies and obstacles that stand in the way of efficient delivery. Having defined the process, we have a closer look at the problems and opportunities that it presents to select an area that will bring your company long-term benefits. Who is it for? Event storming is recommended for larger companies that are looking for ways to improve their operations and explore new opportunities.

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