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Give your team a boost whenever you need it without the hassle of recruiting new developers. Our engineers will join forces with your in-house team to extend your product, build new features, and bring fresh insights that will help your product flourish. All that while making sure your business goals are met, within your timeframe and budget.

You have our full support when building your software product: from ideation and hypothesis validation, through backend & frontend development to quality assurance. We build software that helps automate and optimize processes and provide tailor-made solutions adjusted to your exact business needs.

The best way to start development? It’s our workshops. The workshops take 2 to 5 days and help validate the idea, estimate the budget, and plan the development. Thanks to starting off strategically with the workshops, the organization of the development process is smoother and more cost-efficient.

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Let’s meet to talk about your project: your goals, ideas, needs, problems and see how we can help you. During this meeting, we’ll also share some of our ideas, help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your idea, and advise you on the next steps to make sure the idea follows through. At this point, the only commitment from your side is your time, these consultations are free of charge. If your project and our skills match - let’s start your project!



During the workshops, we’ll have a closer look at your business goals and requirements, map processes. We encourage inviting end users, e.g. your employees, to consult the idea and answer questions about their tasks and challenges, the processes in their everyday work. The workshops take 2 to 5 days and end with the creation of key documents in the development process: user personas, application architecture, project roadmap, interface mockup, and a full backlog.


Project kickoff

It’s time to bring your idea to life! Project kickoff sets the tone for the development process - it’s when we check organizational matters off the list: selecting your Product Owner, establishing communication rules such as channels and regularity of meetings, accepting the workshop materials, verifying the tasks in the backlog. Now, let’s do some work!



The development is an iterative process. We work in Scrum, in 2-week sprints that start with planning and end with demo of the increment. This model of work allows for more flexibility and helps avoid reworks: we gather feedback after every sprint and plan for the next two weeks, not far ahead.



We deploy the app in the test environment to allow for testing the app on a controlled base of customers. We see how users interact with the product, gather feedback, and fix bugs if such occur. After these tests, we make the app available to your target users.


Maintenance & support

After your app goes live, we are there to support you with any adjustment or additional features. We make sure that your product stays on top of its game to keep your users happy.


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